Becoming a Patient

Get the dental care you need, at your convenience. Call for an appointment today.

Being a dentist in Midtown East, our office hours offer a lot of flexibility, and we work with patients who need to come in early or late. If you have an emergency—and tooth pain definitely qualifies—give us a call, and we will work you in quickly, perhaps even today.

We hope you will consider becoming a regular patient, as biannual cleanings, exams, and check-ups can help avoid many serious problems. In every case, we’ll give you the tools and techniques to support your long-term dental health, which naturally enhances your overall health.

While you’re here, you’ll receive prompt, personal attention, so you can return to your life as quickly as possible.

It’s all part of our commitment to making Midtown brighter . . . one smile at a time.

Call us today. We’ll brighten your smile in more ways than one.